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Headquartered in London, payment service provider and direct card acquirer ECOMMPAY is an authorised payment institution (API). ECOMMPAY Group companies offer payment services and direct acquiring internationally under the licences of the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA) - ECOMMPAY LIMITED, and the Central Bank of Cyprus - ECOMMBX LIMITED. Our payment gateway combines direct acquiring capabilities, 100+ alternative payment methods, mass payouts, and technological innovation within a single, unified integration, enabling eCommerce clients to accept payments from and issue payouts to customers anywhere in the world.



ECOMMPAY has grown organically from just 10 specialists in 2012 to 700 payment professionals globally, with four offices across the world. What makes us unique is how we work with each of our clients. We transform the way merchants do business, turning complex payment challenges into bespoke, effective solutions that deliver tangible results.


Taking an individual approach to each merchant, ECOMMPAY offers a range of bespoke, tailored products, features, and technologies to streamline the payment process for end-users. Consumers can pay for goods and services on any device through our single, unified payment gateway, enjoying quick, convenient, intuitive, and secure transactions.


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